About us

Grace is a perfect balance of radiant confidence, a warm charming personality intellect and grace.

“ I am lucky to be conscious of the the fact that the world doesn’t owe any of us anything. And for that I believe that people need to work hard for whatever it is they want. I understand the true value of hardwork and I will strive to reflect exactly that through this journey with you. Above all, I believe that we become what we think of ourselves and this site will all through reflect that positivity with all things positive vibes. I want someone to be a better version of themselves because they came across my blog. I also hope this space will provide a safe place for my readers and I to motivate and learn from each other.
Grace wants to remembered as one encompassing charming beauty, a good heart and most importantly a beautiful mind.


We are here to provide best fashion, beauty and lifestyle solutions to our readers and customers through providing products, services and information to all your needs.
We intend to do that through our online store, products reviews and links to some of our favourite lifestyle opportunities and products.

She effortlessly moves between her role as a corporate professional, a fashion blogger, fashion designer and writer.

Grace studied economics and statistics in the University of Nairobi. She was voted most interesting writer in the peoples’ choice award 2017